What is the best season to replace my roof?

The best way to protect your house is to practice proper roof maintenance. This will help sustain the quality of your roof. 

But the bitter truth is, no matter how well you take care of your roof, it will, over the years, wear out and need replacing.

They are signs that show your roof needs replacement like leakage, damaged shingle, wet ceilings, Moss growth, amongst others. When you notice these signs you will have to contact a professional roofing contractor to figure out the problem.

Professional roofing contractors work all year round. But seasons; cold, humidity, rain, and heat, affect how easy the work will be for them and how much they will charge you. If you want to replace your roof, you have to consider the seasons of the year to figure out which is best. 

Not to worry, we have gathered information about the different seasons of the year to help you choose when you should replace your roof.

A pros and cons of roofing in the different seasons.  


Winter can be a very tough season to get a roof replacement. It’s not quite impossible but it’s challenging for a roofer, because the weather affects the roofing materials and may make them less durable, especially asphalt. The cold makes asphalt shingles to be brittle which could make them break when nailed. 

The beautiful thing about replacing your roof during winter is that you have less competition for time slots. Because most contractors are always free during this period. 


Spring follows after Winter, and many homes experience roof problems after the winter weather. This may be caused by snow that gets stuck on roof shingles, melts, and seeps into the roof. 

Replacing your roof during this season works better than the winter season because the climatic temperature slowly comes back to normal. Also, roofing companies will have a more open schedule and you can get your roof fixed faster. And once you have ticked “fixing the roof” off your list, you will be more relaxed to enjoy the season.


This is also a good season to replace your old roof as the rains and cold are less and the weather condition is more constant. In addition to this, roof contractors work faster and are more comfortable because of the lesser chance of accidents. Also, they can fit in the roof materials faster and work better.  

The downside about installing your roof during this season is that the weather can be too hot and very uncomfortable. Which may, in turn, leave some shingles melted. Also, getting hold of a roofing contractor may be difficult this season as many other homeowners may want to fix their roofs too.


Want to replace your roof without any issues? Fall is the best season for it. The 45 to 85 temperature range makes the season perfect for roof installation. The weather is calm, stable, and consistent, therefore, it makes roofers work for longer hours to get your roof fixed quickly. 

However, many homeowners replace their roofs during this season, so there is a high struggle for time slots as every homeowner is preparing for the winter. If you want to get your roof fixed in the Fall you have to contact the roofing company weeks ahead. Also, due to the heightened demand for roofing jobs, the charges for roof replacement during Fall are higher.

Which season is best for you?

The season you choose as a homeowner depends on your priority and concern. While someone may be concerned about price, another may be concerned about the ease of service, while others may be worried about the weather. Whichever one you want, the above explanation has shown you that there is a suitable season for you. 

When it comes to getting the best price, you should avoid the Fall because most homeowners roof their houses during this season. Therefore, the competition for time slots is much and roofers charge more. You should replace your roof during summer for good weather conditions and affordable pricing.

On the other hand, if as a homeowner you want to prepare your roof for the harsh weather, then you should fix it in the Spring, Summer, or Fall, as winter is usually hard on roofs. Its strong winds can leave your shingles damaged and your roof open to critters. Fixing it ahead of the season makes the shingles stronger and able to withstand the bad weather. If your roofing priority is a quick service, avoid the Fall and late Summer, because these are the busiest times for roofers. 

In conclusion, your roof is one of the most important aspects of your house, therefore you should take care of it. Inspect your roof as often as possible. And contact a professional roofing contractor to help you with all roofing problems. 

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